Hi, I'm Kevin, a User Experience (UX) Manager and Designer.

I have over 18 years experience working in visual design, graphic design, interactive digital media and user experience (UX) design. I currently work as an Experience Design Manager in the computer software sector (enterprise and cloud), while I have previously worked in the Travel & Leisure, Clothing & Fashion and the Luxury & Lifestyle sectors.

Thomas Pink

The list of companies I've worked for include enterprise software giants Oracle and NetSuite, online travel agency eDreams ODIGEO, clothing retailer Thomas Pink, and luxury & lifestyle digital agency Skywire

Where in the world...

South Africa is what I call home and it is the place where I grew up and was born.

Since 2003 I lived and worked in London for almost twelve years however now I am based in the lovely, sunny city of Barcelona and work for Oracle NetSuite, a leading Cloud ERP Suites Software company, as an Experience Design Manager. I'm currently focussed in designing eCommerce products for Order Management and Site Search.


Crafting beautiful, useable products

Throughout my career I've crafted some beautiful products. Here is a selection that I am able to share which includes; typography, responsive design, branding, landing pages and an interactive touch table app.

Typeface Design

During my Masters Degree I focused on creating typeface specifically for use on road signs in South Africa. I named the typeface Ishumi Nanye, which means eleven in Zulu. The design was meant to use ink traps to assist in legibility, especially for the effect of halation.

I attended a typeface clinic in Slovenia where I had support and mentorship in producing Ishumi Nanye.

Interactive Touch Table App

While working at Thomas Pink, I worked on a project to launch an app for an 42" interactive touch table to be used in the new Heathrow Terminal 2 store. Our main feature was the shirt builder, where customers could build their own Made to Order shirt.

We collaborated with Redant to help deliver this app.

Responsive Website

The marketing team in eDreams ODIGEO approached me to create a new inspirational travel microsite for Opodo. This website was built in WordPress and features content about the latest travel trends and provides users with fresh ideas for trending places to visit.

Feeling inspired? Why not view the website.

Landing Pages

My primary work at eDreams ODIGEO was focussed on creating landing pages for desktop and mobile. This included optimising the pages for: page load, SEO, SEM, content, visual appeal and creating a template that would allow for the quick generation of pages for thousands of destinations. 

What if you wanted to book a flight to London. What page would you land on? 


Another project I worked on during my tenure at Thomas Pink was to rebrand the "In the PINK" loyalty programme. Working together with the marketing team and fellow Artwork designers, we created a refreshed identity that was updated to the website and used for print and digital campaigns.

The design used a simple play on the letters IN from the PINK logo.

Launch Page

The Designee was a website to allow the creation and management of creative briefs between a designer and a client. A sign up page was created to inform users of the new service, to capture emails details and to generate general buzz about the brand, the creators and the product. 

You can view the promotional video that was created on Vimeo. 

From beginning to end

As a UX designer, design thinking forms the heart of my work. I aim to be involved in understanding every aspect of the user journey for a product I'm creating. My methods include conducting research, gathering requirements from stakeholders, sketching, wireframing, creating concepts, animating, working with developers and testing with users to validate my designs before it is released.

It's a continuous cycle.


Here's a list of tools and computer skills that I have experience with:

Design Software
Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Balsamiq, PrincipleForMac
Online Software
Mail Chimp, JIRA, Marvelapp, Invision, WordPress
Programming Languages
HTML5, CSS, PHP, Javascript, MySQL
Optimisation Tools
Crazy Egg, Visual Web Optimser, Pingdom, GTMetrix, Page Speed
Research Data
Surveys, User Testing, Testing Scripts, Interviews, Google Analytics
Management Tools
Kanban, Scrum, Confluence, JIRA, Lean UX, Slack, TickTick, Frontify, Toggl, Evernote

Branding  |  Typography  |  Illustration  |  eCommerce  |  User Experience (UX)  |  Mobile  |  Graphic Design  |  Animation  |  Story Boarding  |  Email Marketing  |  Conceptual Design  |  Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)  |  User Interface (UI) |  User Research  |  Service Design


Critical thinking, analytical, technical and creative

These are the skills I have learned through completing my various qualifications.
I have both a Masters Degree and a Bachelors Degree from Middlesex University in London, United Kingdom, as well as a 3 year Graphic Design Diploma from Inscape Education Group (formerly Inscape Design College) in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Middlesex University

Masters Degree in Creative Media Practice


Bachelors Degree in Multi-media


Graphic Design Diploma


Start a conversation

I am always open to new opportunities, collaborations or to chat about design. If you you'd like to get in touch feel free to contact me using the form, or you can connect with me via the various social media links at the footer of this webpage.

Cheers, Kevin

Interaction Design Foundation

I am a Certified ScrumMaster with Scrum Alliance and an active member of the Interaction Design Foundation.
You can also read my regular posts about design and user experience on Medium.

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